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December 17, 2018 / EINPresswire.com/ -- One cannot take for granted the air we breathe indoors is good, clean air. Everyone assumes the air we breathe inside our homes and businesses is clean, but it is not! This bad indoor air quality can impact everyone as airborne, germs and bacteria are spread through the HVAC system.

"Know that what you breathe is a choice," says Darline Moore. "We can now give you a choice of the indoor air you breathe! Clean, Clear, Unpolluted indoor air that is our moto."

Darline Moore has more than 20 years of experience in the energy savings and HVAC industry. In 2014, after decades of working for other companies within the energy industry, she embarked on her own journey and created Sustainability Management Partners (SMP), an energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ) consulting company.

Today, SMP is a leader in designing innovative indoor air quality and HVAC solutions for commercial, medical, institutional, residential and new construction projects, to name a few.

Moore is passionate about realizing her vision for creating a company that supports sustainable solutions for today's environment. She is responsible for all aspects of the company, including providing strategic leadership, project designs, contract negotiation, on-boarding and training new employees, and business development on an international level.

"I've created this movement in my community about indoor air quality," says Moore. "It has taken four years, but now I know my message is working because when there is an indoor air quality issue, they call me!"

CUTV News Radio will feature Darline Moore in an interview with Jim Masters on December 19th at 2pm EST.

Women Power!

"Remember, giving up is not an option. Believe in yourself and your dream and I promise you will get there. It may take time and patience but once you arrive YOU ARE THERE!" - Darline Moore

Helping Others Breathe Easier and Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Perseverance is Key

I have learned the importance of never giving up no matter what the challenge. It has taken me almost five years to build my business but it is very well worth the effort. When I am challenged, I feel much more rewarded when my goal is accomplished!

Passionate about Air Quality

I became interested in indoor air quality and energy savings about 10 years ago. Knowing this industry was and still is a male-dominated field, I knew I had to be prepared to compete as a woman.

I am the Chief Executive Officer of Sustainability Management Partners (SMP), an energy efficiency and indoor air quality consulting company. My areas of expertise are indoor air quality, energy efficiency, HVAC design and HVAC controls implementation for commercial and industrial customers.

My inspiration stems from wanting to help people save energy and improve their indoor air quality-from residential to commercial customers around the world. I am passionate about elevating the indoor air  that we breathe!

The most difficult part of my career is educating customers on our technical solutions. Over the years, we have learned to adapt our message for different customer scenarios. Sometimes the message needs to be high level and technical and sometimes the message needs to be clear and concise. Learning to adapt and deliver the right message has been a challenge for me. The most rewarding aspect of my career is making a difference in the indoor air we breathe and saving the customers energy.

Spreading the Word

One of my goals is to be on Good Morning America so I can spread the word about elevating indoor air quality. Everyone needs to know just because we think the indoor air we breathe is clean, it is not necessarily true! Another goal of mine is to continue to build SMP internationally.

Connecting through IAW

IAW has been very helpful in just my first week! After my press release was sent out, I received an email from the largest radio podcast company in the world to interview me about being a woman in an all-male industry and how we can elevate indoor air quality across the planet!

Connections, connections, connections-the more connections you have the farther your message will travel so my advice to other IAW members is to connect with other women in the organization. Also, posting information about your business and the benefits of what do you along with blogging is very important.