Energy Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, and Sustainable Solutions Consultants

Energy Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, and Sustainable Solutions


O2Prime is an overall solution for renewable energy, indoor air quality and building optimization

It all started with one woman's vision to create a business that supports sustainable products and solutions for the modern environment. Now it has become a movement--A movement to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and improve indoor air quality in ALL commercial spaces! At SMP, we proudly design engineered solutions to fit your energy conservation, renewable energy, building optimization, and indoor air quality needs.

Engineered Solutions

SMP will provide energy efficiency, indoor air quality, renewable energy, services for commercial and industrial customers. 

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Indoor Air Quality Products & Solutions

CO2 Reduction

Renewable Energy Solutions

Innovative Technologies

Water Conservation

Return on Investment & Utility Rebates

Carbon Credits

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Our experts' attention to detail is one of our strongest qualities.

Everything from indoor air quality design to energy savings calculations for HVAC and controls, lighting, and water savings technologies, to microgrid, solar, and electric vehicle charging solutions, we custom design projects to meet all your needs.  


We have a dedicated staff of energy engineers and designers to assist you in calculating your energy savings and return on investment for your energy savings projects..


We listen to you--our clients--your needs are important to us.  Your  bottom line is at our top of mind!


Our team provides green, innovative technologies and can offer solutions to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint. Whether it's implementing energy-efficient systems, reducing carbon emissions, or improving your indoor air quality, we have a team of experts who are well-versed in developing and implementing sustainable projects and strategies across various sectors.

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